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"I did a Hoodoo chain and put a small dot of super glue hidden by the weave."
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I have been working on this for 486 years. Or maybe just 100+/- hours. So far, 12,000 18swg 3/16 Br…
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  • Greetings peeps!
    • Hi Sara (late to the game, I am!)
    • Hiiii Sara! :D
  • thanks for the welcome, I am so eager to learn new chainmaille techniques. I am just starting with simple patterns. and I find it so beautiful.
  • Can someone tell me what is the ring size to make bracelets? I want to buy rings but dont know what a popular size would be. Thanks
    • There typically isn't a simple answer to that, because it really depends on what weave(s) you plan on doing. If you know what weaves, then the ring size is easy ;D
  • So I've been out of practice for quite a while, but I'm getting back into mailling again (hooray!). Glad I didn't get rid of all of my rings; now I just need to see what I can make with what I kept...
    • Yay!
  • I am addicted to my husband and chocolate, oh my I have a new addiction! lol
    • You have been assimilated, Marion...!
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