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12-2 finger ring

Hello, Everyone, I just became a member two hours ago. I'm so excited to find such an informative site. I'm thinking aboutMaking a 12-2 ring and was wondering if anyone here has made one. If so, would you tell me what gauge and IDs you used?Thanks,…

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2 Replies · Reply by Marilyn Mustain Sep 19, 2015


Most of the maille I've made is from plated or enameled copper. I've developed a mandrel list to match the ARs. I now want to move to silver and would prefer to minimize the waste. Can someone tell me if the spring back on half hard Sterling reacts…

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3 Replies · Reply by Celeste McClain Sep 11, 2015
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  • What is the name of the weave on top of the homepage?
    • I believe it is called ARKHAM; it is next on my list :) OK, so it may be viperscale. that's NOT on my list yet LOL
      • LOL, Joanne! Viperscale is a natural progression from Arkham, in my opinion. :-)
    • It is Viperscale. :-)
    • Shelley, that weave is Viperscale, a half-persian variant. It's tons of fun to make; starting it is a challenge, but once you have it, you'll love it!
  • I would love to get into the dungeon of delight!! I am in the middle of trying to make a bikini, and could really use some inspiration
    • David, you just need an invitation; I'll send you one! Check your email and your messages here on MWW.
  • Hi!
    Just getting started. Suggestions?
    • Hey, Myra. Have a look around. You may need to join groups, like Tutorials, to see the forums. Let us know if we can help.
  • Hi Mishelle. Can I get an invite to the DoD?
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