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  • Hi! I am a new member and am very excited about joining your group. So far I can't access the tutorials. Please help. Thank you.
    • Welcome! What happens when you try to access the tutorials?
  • I JUST answered the question the other day about viewing TUTs--please read like two comments back!
  • Why can't I see the tutorials?
  • Hello! I have a very basic question: How do I use this site? I am interested in learning new weaves but when I click on the tutorials by name, nothing happens. I must be doing something basic wrong.
    • Hi Marilyn--the reason you can't see TUTs is most likely that you are not logged in as a member OR you didn't join the TUT group. You have to do both to see them :) Hope that helps!
  • Hello! can someone please tell me what Blog Post does on My Page?
  • Hello!
This reply was deleted.




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