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Inverted Spiral red and silver 19g 3/16" EC with a bit of wire fed down the middle of the top of the ornament to create the hook.
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  • this is cute
  • Love this. How does an inverted spiral differ from a classic spiral? I don't think I have seen this before.
  • Dang! I was hoping NOT to have to do a tutorial for this! I had an interesting time learning this weave myself. The difference is that a regular spiral is tight with no "edges" The Inverted Spiral has two "edges" or "ridges" forming a double helix. (This weave could almost be used to demonstrate DNA molecules! :-)
  • I hope you will do a tutorial on this. I looked up the weave name on Maille Artisans. There was a tutorial, but I couldn't grasp what was being done and felt very dim indeed!
  • Not a problem! I had to learn it from that tutorial and ended up using many different color rings so I could figure out the relationships! I will try to have that tut up asap.
  •  Thank you for sharing Your photo.Was it hard to do.

    Is a tut on this 

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