Money can't buy happiness. It can buy maille supplies. That's pretty close.



Usando partes de las monedas y aros de cobre.
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  • That's truly an original thought for the large rings and I like how the smaller copper rings overlap each other.

  • I agree the crossed copper connectors are fantastic and I'd love to get hold of some of those coins.

  • Cool! Love the coins idea.  Hand made clasp? I want one!!!!!!!

  • Really creative!
  • I second Bridgette and add really cool and sharp !!! ==j==
  • thats a realy cool use for Spanish doubloons.  brings back a sad highschool memeory of me foolishly selling some silver spanish coins and minature ingots that my biological father gave to me. (kicks self in head)

  • really nice!

  • Thanks for your comments friends! make me feel good
  • Wonderful idea and execution, Mickey!

  • Hello Celeste McClain, thanks !!!

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